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Implement Microsoft solutions to centralize your data and effectively visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for achieving success, just as our clients have successfully done.

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Implementa soluciones de Microsoft que te permitan centralizar tus datos, y logra visualizar KPIs claves para alcanzar el éxito.


¡Financial automation and comprehensive consulting with Bakertilly! Discover how we streamlined manual accounting, generated reliable reports, and provided complete financial analysis.
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Bakertilly is a consulting firm specialized in accounting, auditing, and taxation with which we collaborate on projects to jointly provide financial advisory services through the use of technologies that automate and professionalize internal information generation.

Our collaboration with Bakertilly has involved projects with similar challenges in most cases: manual monthly accounting conducted in Excel, which required process automation and the generation of reliable reports for decision-making.

By connecting to general ledgers, budget spreadsheets, and ERP systems, we have succeeded in automating the creation of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. Along with the solution, mapping tables of accounts have been designed to provide the client with the possibility of having flexible and easy-to-edit reports.

Working with Bakertilly has allowed us to offer our clients not only a technical data analysis service but also provide comprehensive financial advisory services.

Discover our successful Power BI implementation case for an Italian client, optimizing their processes and gaining valuable business insights.

Discover how we assisted O'Reilly in designing and delivering a successful online Power BI bootcamp, following the 'Learning by Doing' methodology.

Pharmaceutical Sector​

Discover how we assisted a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in gaining complete control over sales and costs across multiple branches.

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