Data Solutions

Simplify and streamline your data processes

Data Solutions

Simplify and streamline your data processes

Unify all your data from different sources to streamline the decision-making process.

Access the information you need from any device with internet access.

Custom Analysis
Transform your data into interactive reports that provide you with the business analytics you require.

Spend your time analyzing information and forget about manual report updates.

Easily share reports while controlling each collaborator’s access through role management.

What processes are involved
in a reporting system?

In order to establish an efficient and centralized reporting system that consolidates all of your company’s data, it is necessary to implement the following key processes:

Connecting to all data sources (online/offline) and creating automated transformation and cleansing processes to organize the structure of this data.

Creating a model to unify and relate all data in one place, allowing us to generate multiple reports for different teams.

Generating indicators or KPIs that enable us to answer business questions and visualize them optimally.

Creating indicators or KPIs that enable us to answer business questions and visualize them optimally.

Facilitating collaboration and information exchange among different teams that use the generated data and reports.

Various types of projects for different needs.

End-to-End Power BI Project

Data Integration and Modeling with Azure + Power BI

Initial Program
MVP + Strategic Plan
2 weeks

Join the mood of
digital transformation

At analytic mood , we place our trust in Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tools due to their:

Experience and Reputation
A technological leader with decades of experience in business solutions.

Comprehensive Platform
A wide range of BI tools and services, such as Power BI and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Solutions seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products like SharePoint, Excel, and Teams.

Scalability and Flexibility
Adapted to changing organizational needs, for both small projects and large-scale implementations.

Support and Active Community
Extensive technical support and a highly active user community.

Automate report creation with Microsoft technologies and spend your time making better business decisions.

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End-to-End PowerBI Project


Simplified Workflow:
Complete Workflow in PowerBI.

Self-Service BI:
Empower business users with maximum control over the entire BI process.

Iterative and Rapid Implementation Projects:
Regardless of the total project duration, functional reports are developed in a matter of weeks, with increasing complexity through iterative phases.

Data Integration and Modeling with Azure + Power BI


Scalability and Processing Capability
Azure offers a wide range of data processing and storage services, allowing you to handle large data volumes and scale according to your organization’s needs.

Flexibility in the Visualization Tool Migration
By separating integration and modeling tasks with Azure, migration between different visualization tools will be easy.

Centralized Data Control and Management
Centralizing the integration and modeling process enables centralized data management in complex business environments.

Initial Program:
MVP + Strategic Plan / 2 weeks

Are you still unsure about what you need or how to go about it? 
Let’s work together for 2 weeks to build a prototype with some key metrics, so you can understand and showcase the advantages of Power BI to your company and create a strategic plan for the way forward.

How to do it?

  1. Define the functionalities that the MVP will have.
  2. Design a data model based on 1/2 sources stored in Excel.
  3. Develop a functional report from these sources, allowing the organization to analyze and understand the data.
  4. Finally, we will create a workflow with the Power BI/Azure implementation proposal.

This way, you will have a productive report and, at the same time, understand the advantages of Power BI and the proposed development for the future.