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Implement Microsoft solutions to centralize your data and effectively visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for achieving success, just as our clients have successfully done.

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Implementa soluciones de Microsoft que te permitan centralizar tus datos, y logra visualizar KPIs claves para alcanzar el éxito.


Discover how we assisted O’Reilly in designing and delivering a successful online Power BI bootcamp following the “Learning by doing” methodology. With participants from around the world and a hands-on approach, the bootcamp has received excellent reviews and has generated plans for future live and recorded courses.


O’Reilly is an online learning platform that provides training services in technology and business, encompassing a wide range of resources and tools for learning. Its goal is to keep individuals and organizations up to date with the latest market trends and technologies.

Analytic Mood was contacted by O’Reilly to design an online Power BI bootcamp following the “Learning by doing” approach, targeting users with no prior experience with the tool. The challenge was to deliver live classes and enable participants to practice independently, adapting the content to their skill level while conducting classes in English.

To meet the requirements, a 12-hour bootcamp was developed and delivered by two trainers, focusing on the “Learning by doing” methodology. Each topic was broken down into a brief theoretical explanation, practical demonstration, and exercises for the students to solve. Time was allocated for questions and answers at the end of each topic, and queries were addressed in writing through the chat.

The bootcamp received significant international participation, with 80-120 users from different parts of the world in each edition. Excellent feedback was received from the participants, leading to the organization of multiple editions of the course and the planning of new live and recorded courses.

Financial Automation and Comprehensive Advisory with Bakertilly! We provide a comprehensive financial analysis.

Pharmaceutical Sector

Discover how we assisted a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in gaining complete control over sales and costs across multiple branches.

Discover our successful Power BI implementation case for an Italian client, optimizing their processes and gaining valuable business insights.

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