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Pharmaceutical Sector Client

Discover how we helped this leading pharmaceutical company gain complete control over sales and costs across multiple branches. Our solution, based on integration and strategic analysis, enabled them to make better decisions, optimize their operations, and run exclusive promotions. Read our success case to implement similar solutions in your company!


An esteemed pharmaceutical industry leader, operating nationwide with multiple branches, faced the challenge of attaining comprehensive control over sales and costs at each of their branch locations. Additionally, each branch had implemented Farmatic, a leading pharmaceutical system, on On-Premise servers, making data integration and centralized analysis complex. In their pursuit of optimizing operations and enhancing strategic decision-making, they sought an all-encompassing solution to centralize and analyze data originating from all their branch locations.

Collaborating with our partner involved addressing various technical and infrastructure challenges. Firstly, there was the need to overcome the On-Premise server barrier and successfully migrate data from all branch locations to a centralized cloud environment. Additionally, efficient integration with Farmatic was essential, ensuring proper data extraction and transformation for subsequent analysis.

To address the challenges at hand, we implemented an advanced cloud-based solution using Microsoft Azure. Leveraging services such as Azure Data Factory, we established a secure connection with the On-Premise servers of each branch, enabling data extraction and loading into a centralized Azure SQL database. This provided our valued client with a single, reliable, and up-to-date data source.

Additionally, we created a dimension master that enriched data from each branch and unified them within a centralized analytical model. By developing an intelligent semantic layer, our client could conduct comparative analyses across various variables, including customers, employees, time periods, branches, product categories, and intelligent time measures.

Our solution delivered significant added value to our esteemed client. Centralizing data in the Azure cloud allowed for comprehensive control and analysis of sales and costs across all branches, eliminating the constraints of On-Premise servers and providing a holistic view of the company. The ability to conduct detailed analyses and comparisons across various variables has empowered our client to identify improvement opportunities, optimize resource management, and make more informed decisions.

The successful migration to the cloud and integration with Farmatic have streamlined and expedited processes, enabling our client to leverage the benefits of a centralized and scalable environment. Furthermore, the professional and secure implementation of the solution has provided our client with the peace of mind and confidence needed to strategically utilize data and foster data-driven decision-making.

This success story demonstrates how our expertise in cloud migration and system integration can transform how pharmaceutical sector companies manage and analyze their data. The implementation of Azure cloud services has provided our client with an efficient, flexible, and scalable solution, paving the way for digital transformation and positively impacting their efficiency and profitability.

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