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Implementa soluciones de Microsoft que te permitan centralizar tus datos, y logra visualizar KPIs claves para alcanzar el éxito.


Discover how we helped an Italian client improve their business efficiency through the implementation of a comprehensive solution with Power BI.

We consolidated scattered data from multiple systems, created customized dashboards, and provided training to users to make the most of the information.

Learn about the challenges faced, the solution implemented, and the added value achieved in this success story!


Tersan Puglia is a company operating in the industrial composting sector and boasts one of the most modern and efficient composting plants in Southern Italy. It is a company where efficiency and technological advancement blend with sustainability and social responsibility.

Our client faced the challenge of integrating and analyzing scattered data from different systems, including Business Central, SharePoint, WinWaste, DocFinance, and legacy databases. They were in search of a solution that would enable them to obtain accurate, real-time insights to drive decision-making in areas such as finance, economics, production, and operational technical data.

The primary challenge was to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single location and establish custom business rules to create relevant business metrics. Additionally, there was a need for the capability to make manual adjustments, perform forecasting, and create common dimensions to unify the different systems. User training was also necessary to ensure the effective use of the tools and to guarantee a gradual and continuous delivery of solutions.

In collaboration with our client, we implemented a comprehensive solution using Power BI. We started by developing an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process to consolidate data from various systems and utilized Fabric Dataflows to simplify and automate data transformation. We created customized dashboards connected to the existing datasets, enabling the client to gain valuable real-time insights.

Our solution provided significant added value. We offered them a comprehensive and precise view of their business, enabling them to make informed decisions based on key metrics and in-depth analysis. Moreover, we granted them the ability to manually adjust data, make forecasts, and create new reports as per their requirements. Through user training, we empowered them to independently use and modify the reports.

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