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Since 2020, we have been actively involved in the Power BI community, providing training sessions both online and in-person.

Below, we share the recorded sessions for you to enjoy.

Stop creating overly complex DAX! The stars will guide you on that path

Dec 2020 ‘Hosts: Let’s talk technology’ (W4TT)


Did it catch your attention because it had DAX in the title? I’m sorry if I misled you!

In this session, I’ll teach you what you should do before starting your reports, something that will allow you to write much simpler DAX code. Spend just 30 minutes of your time to see how, with some simple transformations in Power Query, you can turn any data source into a star model. You’ll find that generating your reports and metrics will be much EASIER afterward.

Connect to your data sources from Power BI!

2nd event ‘Hosts: Let’s talk technology’ (W4TT)


Do you download reports from your systems every day to update your reports? Do you spend a lot of time copying and pasting data from one place to another?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, I recommend you keep reading. In this session, I’ll show you how you can connect from Power BI to data sources such as Excel/CSV files, SharePoint, Google Drive, SQL, Outlook, websites, and Google Analytics, among others. This will allow you to consolidate all your data in one place and generate reports that update automatically.

Many-to-Many Relationships When Adding Goals to Your Model?

Feb 2021 Meetup Power Platform Madrid


In this session, we will work on a very common scenario in Power BI: Analyzing transactional data vs. goals. I invite you to discover how you can model your data when adding a goals table that has a lower level of detail than your transactional table. We will analyze how you should plan your data model and how to avoid many-to-many relationships.

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Power BI and More with Florencia Hourcouripe |#podcastpowerbi 02x04

Apr 2021 #podcastpowerbi

In this 4th episode of season #2 of the Podcast Power BI, we will have the presence of Florencia Hourcouripe, and we will talk about a Career in Business Intelligence, Data Models for Non-IT Professionals, #PowerBI, and more!

Power Query Errors

📣 Jan 2021 Meetup Power Platform Madrid

Session: To start 2021 off right, become friends with Power Query errors.”

(Note: The session title “Para empezar bien 2021, hazte amigo de los errores de Power Query” translates to “To start 2021 off right, make friends with Power Query errors.

Do you want your Power BI reports to have a professional appearance? Min 1:45:50

Dec 2020 Data Analytics Day Iberoamerica Edition


Session: Do you want your Power BI reports to have a professional appearance?

DAX Contexts: Changing the Mindset for Excel Users

📣 Jun 2021 – PowerBIEspanol Virtual Conf 2021 Spring


Have you ever had issues with a DAX formula that doesn’t calculate what you want? We understand that this has happened to all of us, and we know that the problem is almost ALWAYS related to the evaluation context.

Filter context, row context, and context transition are just the starting point for understanding how DAX calculates and evaluates each formula.

In this session, we invite you to address those unexpected results and learn the correct semantics to overcome them.

Connect Power BI to SharePoint Lists and Update Data with Power Automate

📣 Have you ever thought about creating your PowerPoint presentation within Power BI, with automatic data updates connected to SharePoint Online?

In this video, we will show you how to create a connection with a SharePoint Online list within Power BI and then update the dataset using Power Automate.

Power BI Integration with Azure DevOps

📣 Manage your tasks, user stories, and epics directly from Power BI with integration with Azure DevOps.

In the following video, we explain how to connect to a query created in Azure DevOps directly with Power BI.

Translate Text using Power BI and Azure Cognitive Services

At this Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2022 event, you will learn how to create a text translation cognitive service in Azure (Translator 3.0) and how to consume it by connecting to the REST API from Power BI. Yes, you read it right, from Power BI! Text Translation is a cloud-based feature that uses neural machine translation technology, allowing you to translate text from one source language to another quickly and efficiently in real-time.

Multi-Currency Reports in Power BI

If you operate in markets with different currencies, you’re likely familiar with exchange rate fluctuations and the challenge of making consistent comparisons between them. In this session, we will demonstrate with a practical example how you can simplify this task using Power BI.

Power BI 2022 News with Flor Hourcouripe and Nico Lagreste - Halloween Edition

The first quiz of the year with 2 quizmasters! Flor Hourcouripe and Nico Lagreste come to spend some time with us and ask us questions about the Power BI updates for the year 2022. This quiz will undoubtedly help us stay up to date and share some laughs. Get ready, get set… let’s go for the 1st place

Power BI Desktop and in the Cloud: Perfect Companions

W4TT Women in Technology

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